June 10, 2023

DART Media Group

Providing Live Streaming, Video Recording, Aerial Drone & Web Hosting Services in Central Indiana.

DMG Services

Live Streaming & Video Recording Service

Since November 2018, we have produced 550 livestream events across multiple platforms with 40,000 views and more than 7,000 hours of viewing of various high school sporting events including boys basketball, girls basketball, girls volleyball, soccer and cross country.

Our primary streaming platform is YouTube. The YouTube platform provides HD quality video, DVR capability, stereo audio and many other great features. Make sure to visit our channel and subscribe today.

Sporting Events

Our 2020 fall sports broadcast schedule will be posted in early August.

For more information about sporting, wedding or other events please visit our Live Streaming & Video Recording page.

Aerial Drone Service

We are FAA licensed and certified UAS (drone) pilot able to provide commercial aerial work for all your needs. All aerial work is insured up to 1 million dollars through our partners at Verifly. For more information please visit our Aerial Drone Service page and check out some of the projects we have completed.

Web Hosting Service

Need a web site hosted? Help designing or developing  a web site?  Visit our web hosting information page for more information. 

Aim Content Streaming Service

Aim is our service to assist content creators stream their multimedia content to their own social media platforms. We have the ability to aim (redirect) content to a single platform or multiple platforms depending on your needs. For more information visit our Aim Content Streaming Service page.