August 17, 2022

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MVG Scholarship Fund

NOW ACCEPTING applications for the 2022 Master Sergeant Mike Van Gorden Scholarships. 

First for things that will be the same…

  • Just like last year, our scholarship fund is open to all 2022 Seniors from any Shelby County High School.
  • Anyone is welcome to apply but our target applicants are Core40 students just like us.
  • We will keep the same format as previous years including the self-created three minute video.
  • But this year there will be one additional requirement.

As you know, DAve and cuRT do things a little differently so we’ve added a piece to our scholarship application process.

U.S. Army Master Sergeant Mike Van Gorden was a man of great service.  He was employed with the Indiana National Guard for 30 years, with multiple deployments overseas as well as being a member of the Hawcreek Missionary Baptist Church.  Therefore we’d like to honor his spirit of giving back to our community by shining a light on those who serve in our communities.  Too often those programs and or people of our community receive no recognition for their terrific work.  Therefore, each applicant is asked to submit the name of an organization, outreach program, nonprofit or other community service-oriented person who has provided guidance, assistance or support to the applicant.  It could be the organization or program or even a teacher, pastor, employer, or mentor, who helps you be successful.  Please include in 200-300 words why you think a person or organization is deserving of recognition and the differnce they’ve made in your life. That’s right, in addition to scholarships, the DART Media Group will make a Master Sergeant Mike Van Gorden Service Award to one individual or organization making a difference in the name of our community based off what you as an applicant submit!

Deadline to submit your application is Friday April 15th, 2022.

Submit the following information via email to

  • Name, Address, Phone Number & Email Address
  • Technical School, College or University you plan to attend.
  • Program or Field of Study you plan to study.
  • 3-minute video sharing “My Future Looks Like…”
  • In 200-300 word¬†essay the “Give Back Challenge…”
    • Include the name, location and how they make a difference. Highlight any personal experience or experience through others how this person or organization makes a positive difference for Shelby County and/or the surrounding area.