September 29, 2023

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Spartan Heads – Episode #5

Spartan Heads, Wrestling Program Club

Did you know that Southwestern has a new wrestling club program? Watch/Listen to this episode to find out more as we virtually sit down with Coach Josh Edwards & Coach Brian Ebersold to hear about this exciting new sport as well as hear how Mr. Edwards made his way to be a Spartan and hear a cool story about his state wrestling coaching experience. And we have DC’s Top 5 Boy Basketball players from the 1980’s.

0:36 – Mr. Edwards becomes a Spartan
5:45 – Three minutes with Coach Ebersold
8:56 – The Program begins…
23:22 – What weight class did Coach Edwards & Coach Ebersold wrestle in?
24:20 – Coach Edwards’ 2005 IHSAA State Tournament experience.
29:49 – History & Legends the 1980s with The Voice of the Spartans, Dave Covington
36:30 – Next Episode Preview